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    The crowd at Donald Trump’s latest campaign rally took up a new chant directed at one of the Democratic party’s most visible new members of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    “AOC sucks, AOC sucks,” the throng in Grand Rapids, Michigan bellowed last night (March28), after Donald Trump Jr., mentioned the New York City representative’s Green New Deal climate change bill. Later on social media, far-right pundits gleefully shared clips.

    Hating on Ocasio-Cortez has become reliable right-wing clickbait. She’s replaced Hillary Clinton and even House speaker Nancy Pelosi as a favorite target.

    As her questioning of witnesses at congressional hearings wins more praise from Democrats and progressives for, say, examining the ...

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    Earlier: Housing Starts Decreased to 1.162 Million Annual Rate in February

    Total housing starts in February were below expectations, however starts for December and January were revised up.

    The housing starts report released this morning showed starts were down 8.7% in February compared to January, and starts were down 9.9% year-over-year compared to February 2018.

    Single family starts were down 10.6% year-over-year, and multi-family starts were down 5.4%.

    This first graph shows the month to month comparison for total starts between 2018 (blue) and 2019 (red).

    Starts Housing 2017 and 2018Click on graph for larger image.

    Starts were down 9.9% in February compared to February 2018.

    The weakness in February was primarily in the single family sector.  February starts might have been impacted by the weather.

    Last year, in 2018, starts were strong early in the year, and then fell off in the 2nd half - so the early comparisons are the most difficult....
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    The ETF marketplace has been trending towards lower and lower fees for some time now, but it’s never gotten as low as it has this past week. Most watchers figured that a 0% ETF was the next logical step in the fee war, but Salt Financial has passed that marker and gone straight into negative territory. It’s the first ETF that will actually pay you to invest in it but it comes with a catch!

    For a list of all new ETF launches, take a look at our ETF Launch Center.

    Here are the latest new fund launches:

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    Tensions are mounting dangerously between Rwanda and Uganda. The two African countries historically have been closely linked, with each playing a key role in the other’s political development. But all that is now in peril.

    The Ugandan government, led by president Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM), gained power during the Ugandan Bush War (1980-1986) thanks in part to the military assistance of Rwandan refugees who fled their home country when the Tutsi ethnic group was persecuted. Among those refugees was current Rwandan president Paul Kagame, who joined Museveni’s ultimately successful struggle against the government of Milton Obote (1980-1985) and Tito Okello (1985-1986).

     Kagame accused Uganda of providing support and space for anti-Rwanda groups. Uganda has denied all the allegations. Conversely, by providing a refuge for them, Uganda enabled these displaced Rwandan refugees to create what

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    DEA burning ton of weed every two hours

    The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is looking for an Arizona contractor to incinerate marijuana at a rate of 1,000 pounds an hour between March and September, according to a newly issued contracting notice from the DEA’s Houston Division.

    Put another way, 16,000 ounces of bud will be going up in smoke every 60 minutes, which is 32,000 half ounces; 64,000 quarters; 128,000 eighths; or the equivalent of about 896,000 half-gram joints. The weed will be transported from 12 cities in Texas to an incinerator in Tucson.

    Most of the marijuana will be in the form of “tightly compressed ‘bricks’ or ‘bales,’ typically weighing between 40 and 60 pounds. Packaging will include, among other things, cardboard; Saran Wrap; aluminum foil; duct, scotch, and packing tape; plastic evidence bags and wrapping paper (!). The DEA did not respond to a request for further details.

    “The integrity of the destruction process shall be such that the material to be destroyed cannot be redirected or retrieved once it is committed to destruction,” the DEA

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    As this longest-ever expansion finally runs out of steam, the question on everyone’s mind is, “who will save us this time?” The last big crisis was “fixed” by a combination of lower interest rates globally and massive buying of commodities by China. But with interest rates still at cyclical lows in a big part of […]

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    Map: The Countries With the Most Oil Reserves

    There’s little doubt that renewable energy sources will play a strategic role in powering the global economy of the future.

    But for now, crude oil is still the undisputed heavyweight champion of the energy world.

    In 2018, we consumed more oil than any prior year in history – about 99.3 million barrels per day on a global basis. This number is projected to rise again in 2019 to 100.8 million barrels per day.

    The Most Oil Reserves by Country

    Given that oil will continue to be dominant in the energy mix for the short and medium term, which countries hold the most oil reserves?

    Today’s map comes from and it uses data from the CIA World Factbook to resize countries based on the amount of oil reserves they hold.

    Here’s the data for the top 15 countries below:

    The Mysterious Math of How Cells Determine Their Own Fate
    RankCountryOil Reserves (Barrels)
    #1🇻🇪 Venezuela300.9 billion
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    During development, cells seem to use statistics to figure out what identities they should take on.
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    The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it.
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    Visualizing 40 Years of Music Industry Sales

    40 Years of Music Industry Sales

    The record industry has seen a lot of change over the years.

    Vinyl gave way to 8-tracks, and cassettes faded away as compact discs took the world by storm, and through it all, the music industry saw its revenue continue to climb. That is, until it was digitally disrupted.

    Looking back at four decades of music industry sales data is a fascinating exercise as it charts not only the rise and fall the record company profits, but seismic shifts in technology and consumer behavior as well.

    The Long Fade Out

    For people of a certain age group, early memories of acquiring new music are inexorably linked to piracy. Going to the store and purchasing a $20 disc wasn’t even a part of the thought process. Napster, the first widely used P2P service, figuratively skipped the needle off the record and ended years of impressive profitability in the recording industry.

    Physical vs. Digital sales

    Napster was shut down in 2002, but the genie was already out of the bottle. Piracy’s effect on the