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    A man visits stand of US firm IBM at CeBIT computer fair in Hanover

    Blockchain tech has been a buzzword for much of the last two years, as industries ranging from big banks to utilities try to shoehorn it into their existing infrastructures. Now IBM is announcing two new projects that finally put the technology to the test in the marketplace.

    The first deal involves Canada’s major banks, telcos, and government agencies, who are using digital identity services from a firm called SecureKey. Later this year, customers of these services can opt-in to a blockchain-powered system, provided by SecureKey and IBM, which will verify their identities. They can then decide how much and what personal data to share with other companies who use the digital identity system. As an example of how the system works, SecureKey says a bank customer would be able to share his data with a utility to open an account, removing the need to go through a separate verification process.

    The second deal uses an IBM blockchain for a carbon-trading platform in China, jointly developed with a company called Beijing Energy-Blockchain Labs. The platform is touted as a more efficient way to trade carbon assets because it provides a cheaper way

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    Everyone has his or her own timeline, but here it is in general for Americans. Read More

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    Source: How Much

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    Teddy bear trade show Euro Teddy 2016

    Each year, the European Commission releases a report of the withdrawn or recalled products that triggered the most notifications on the European Rapid Alert system. The bad news is that this year, toys set off the most alerts because they are choking hazards. The good news is that the total number of alerts is slightly down, and alerts for products made in China, the biggest source of dangerous products, is significantly down.

    These are the most dangerous non-food consumer goods in Europe for 2016:

    These are the hazards posed by toys, the product category with the most safety alerts:

    These are the most common risks posed by dangerous products in Europe. According to the commission, the “injuries” category is mainly linked to motor vehicles.

    Where are all those dangerous goods from? China by a long shot, but of course, China makes most of the world’s stuff. Slightly more disturbing is the high number of alerts of “unknown”

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    <img alt="This Security Researcher Found the Bug That Knocked Out Bitcoin Unlimited" height="444" src="" width="800"><p>For over a year, attackers have had the ability to crash<a href=""> Bitcoin Unlimited</a> and<a href=""> Bitcoin Classic</a> nodes. Yesterday, someone actually did it. According to websites like<a href=""> Coin Dance</a>, the number of Bitcoin Unlimited nodes fell sharply from almost 800 to less than 250 in a matter of hours. Bitcoin Classic was hit shortly after.<br/></p><p>One day earlier, the security researcher who found the vulnerability had reached out to <i>Bitcoin Magazine</i>.</p><p>“I am quite beside myself at how a project that aims to power a $20 billion network can make beginner’s mistakes like this.”</p><p><b>The Vulnerabilities</b></p><p>Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin Classic are forks of<a href=""> Bitcoin Core</a> that intend to increase Bitcoin’s block size limit. Both launched in 2015 and have been maintained by their own development teams since. While Bitcoin Classic was a relatively popular alternative to Bitcoin Core last year, Bitcoin Unlimited has been gaining traction lately. The world’s largest...
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    China’s Continuing Credit Boom Jeff Dawson, Alex Etra, and Aaron Rosenblum Liberty Street Economics, Feb 27, 2017           Debt in China has increased dramatically in recent years, accounting for roughly one-half of all new credit created globally since 2005. The country’s share of total global credit is nearly 25 percent, up from…

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    Can changes in ownership rules tame the bad features of capitalism?
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    The Workers Who Snap Selfies Dangling From Skyscrapers
    They hang from ropes hundreds of feet in the air, washing windows and cleaning wind turbines. And they post it all to Instagram. The post The Workers Who Snap Selfies Dangling From Skyscrapers appeared first on WIRED.
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    The Secret of the Crazy-Tough Water Bear, Finally Revealed
    Researchers claim to have found a protein that makes the water bear so insanely tough. The post The Secret of the Crazy-Tough Water Bear, Finally Revealed appeared first on WIRED.
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    A tourist photographs Taiwan's Presidential Office Building in Tapei, Taiwan, 30 November 2015.

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Just days after a scandal involving attempts by Chinese universities to influence academic discussion in Taiwanese classrooms was uncovered, the arrest of an alleged Chinese spy who studied here has put Beijing’s espionage efforts back in the spotlight.

    While spy scandals are not uncommon in Taiwan, the news has heightened concerns that the island is inadequately prepared to deal with Chinese espionage at a time when relations across the Taiwan Strait are at their lowest point in years.

    Taiwanese authorities last week arrested Chinese national Zhou Hongxu, who graduated from Taipei’s prestigious National Chengchi University last year. Zhou is accused of trying to organize a spy ring within Taiwan’s government, including a foreign ministry official. Beijing, meanwhile, has called the detention suspicious given recent controversy that some