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Who are the Kalenjin?

The Kalenjin are a Kenyan tribe of 4.4mm people. Unlike the majority of Kenyans, who are descendants of the Bantu migration from West Africa 2000 years ago, The Kalenjin are descendants of the Nilotic Kushite Kingdom that ruled Sudan 3000 years ago. Kalenjin refers to a grouping of tribes - the Nandi, Kipsigis, and others.

What distinguishes the Kalenjin in modern times is their prowess at long distance running. Since the early 1980s, Kalenjin have won 40% of the distance medals available at the Olympics, World Championships and World Cross Country Championships. According to exercise physiologists, the average man of Western European descent has a 1:80mm chance of becoming a world class distance runner (3,000 meters in 7:57). The average Kalenjin has a 1:7,000 chance.

Does Kalenjin Advisors invest in single stocks?

Normally no. Our model portfolios invest in a range of Exchange Traded Funds ETFs selected for their breadth of underlying assets, liquidity, and the strength and reputation of the issuer. Kalenjin Advisory employs a "top down" investment approach, selecting the market sectors we believe to be the most attractive. The most cost effective way to do this is with ETFs.

Are Kalenjin's methods a rehash of other technical indicators such as RSI and MACD?

No. Mr. McGuire built these indicators from the ground up. In addition, he has designed customized bet sizing and portfolio adjustment algorithms to dampen market volatility, and minimize the effects of market impact. Mr. McGuire has been developing his methods for nearly ten years, and in this time has never encountered his own system on any other platform.

Does Kalenjin use leverage or trade levered ETFs?

No. All our returns are the result of buying and selling ordinary unlevered ETFs. All positions are fully funded.

Does Kalenjin trade intraday?

No. Kalenjin rebalances portfolios on a weekly basis. As intraday trading has become the province of faster and faster computers, we do not feel there is any edge left in attempting to out-trade these machines.

Does Kalenjin offer services in Canada?

No. Information pertaining to Kalenjin Advisors on this website is not to be construed as a public offering of securities in any jurisdiction of Canada. In addition, Kalenjin Advisors is not registered in any capacity with any securities regulatory authority in Canada and does not provide advice to residents of Canada or advise any clients on securities of Canadian issuers.

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