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    Sexy new Kuomintang delegate hopes to entice new blood back into dying party But will it work? [ more › ]
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    Chinese-government controlled media report declared value of Ice wine was undervalued

    A B.C. husband and wife are facing a possible life sentence in China for allegedly under-reporting the value of wine they export to that country- and the Canadian government is under fire for not doing more to help them. Their trial starts May 26th, and supporters are demanding Ottawa come to their aid.

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    Click for the full list. Source: GeekWrapped

    The post Ultimate Cognitive Bias Survival Guide appeared first on The Big Picture.

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    Source: Of Dollars and Data

    The post Bad Investment Results? Your Birth Year May Be to Blame appeared first on The Big Picture.

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    At first glance, it’s easy to be blown away by Elon Musk’s impressive resume.

    He’s shooting for the stars with SpaceX, changing the future of transportation with Tesla, Hyperloop, and The Boring Company, and he’s already had a profound impact on the e-commerce and payments sectors through Paypal. It’s no coincidence that most of these are $1 billion+ companies.

    But, focusing only on his successes provides a superficial view of the man. To get the full perspective on his career, it is much more interesting to look at the failures and lows he has experienced. These are the moments when most people would have likely given up.

    Failing Often

    As every entrepreneur knows, any business venture can be upended by failures at any moment – and it is how one bounces back from those failures that counts.

    Today’s infographic from Kickresume shows Musk’s struggles and failures throughout his career, and how he persevered to become a modern business icon.

    A Timeline of Elon Musk's Long List of Failures

    As the ever-quotable Winston Churchill once said:

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

    – Winston Churchill

    After being ousted out of his own company, having many rockets go bust, and fighting to keep Tesla and SpaceX from going bankrupt, Musk kept pushing forward with courage.

    What We Can Learn

    Entrepreneurs hold people like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson in high reverence. Sometimes, we even put them on a pedestal, thinking we could only dream of making such a profound impact on the world.

    However, this is obviously a one dimensional view. These figures are not superhuman, and the reality is that they’ve all experienced tragic failures throughout the course of their careers. They’ve been disheartened, but they bounced back.

    We have to recognize that success in business isn’t what it appears to be on magazine covers and headlines. Failure is an everyday part of doing business, and it plagues almost every entrepreneur in some shape or form. The difference is in how you react to it.

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    The post A Timeline of Elon Musk’s Long List of Failures appeared first on Visual Capitalist.

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    It is clear by now to even the most hardened skeptic that cryptocurrency, the class of assets of which bitcoin is the paradigm, is much more than a passing fad. Yes, the field may once have been too closely associated with survivalists, cranks, and bit players in the story ofRead More
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    The Most Valuable Tech Skills

    The interactive graphic above comes to us from Dice Insights, and it helps to visualize the relationship between the supply and demand for over 1,400 technology skills.

    Specifically, the supply shown on the graph is based on the amount of job seekers with those skills available, while demand is the portion of employment opportunities listed that require that skill. The “hotter” red a skill is, the greater the ratio of demand to supply.

    Big Data Heats Up

    With billions of new “things” connecting to the IoT and an explosion in the amount of information that must be processed and interpreted, it is no surprise that many of the most lucrative skills in tech today relate to making sense of large volumes of data.

    Here are the ten highest paying skills in technology, according to Dice:

    RankSkill2016 SalaryYr/Yr Change
    #3Cloud Foundry$124,038n/a
    #7Apache Kafka$122,728n/a

    Leading the list is SAP’s HANA, or “High Performance Analytical Application”, which is part of a new wave of databases that can crunch large amounts of data nearly instantly. The average salaries of workers skilled in HANA currently hover around $129,000.

    If we sort the members of the top ten most lucrative skills list by “heat” level (with several omissions according to availability in the “heat data” set) we can see that HANA is right in the middle of the plot, where supply is roughly equal to demand. This shows us that tech workers choosing to skill up in HANA are effectively getting paid what they are worth.

    Top tech skills ranked by heat

    Defining the Essentials

    What else does “heat” ranking tell us about the market for tech skills that salary data alone does not?

    First and foremost, it shows that skills like Java, SQL and HTML, all of which live in the top right-hand corner of the interactive graph where both demand and supply are very high, have become the “bread and butter” of the tech industry. The vast majority of people in the field have a need for these basic services, and as such, the majority of workers in tech have become conversant in them.

    We can also see that specific fields, like database administration, web infrastructure management, automation, and big data science, are the areas that businesses need the most help in. The number of specialists skilled in these fields has not yet expanded to meet the significant demand for the associated skills. On the other hand, many marketing and web design skills have fallen toward the “cold” side of the spectrum as supply exceeds demand.

    Competition and Timing

    Employers may often look for very specific skill sets including one or more of the “hot” skills in the current marketplace. Combined with a hot technology sector, this demand pushes average salary ranges up and motivates tech workers to continually revise their competencies on a regular basis.

    Year over year growth in tech salaries

    With such a fluid marketplace for jobs in technology, unemployment is very low at around 2%. At the same time, over the past decade, the average tech salary has also increased by roughly $17,000.

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    The Bizarre Quantum Test That Could Keep Your Data Secure
    Here's a test that could keep future quantum technology from being hacked. The post The Bizarre Quantum Test That Could Keep Your Data Secure appeared first on WIRED.
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    PBoC hints at further regulation for the sector