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    Questions over whether new rules to flush out evaders and squeeze havens will work
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    CBS Sunday Morning: Do we base our big decisions on reason and logic, or on our gut? It’s a question underlying the fine print in the newest book by bestselling author Michael Lewis. He’s been talking with our John Blackstone: Michael Lewis’ latest book, now finished, is going out to reviewers. When Blackstone asked if…

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    This week, we speak with James Gleick, author of numerous award-winning books. His most recent is the fascinating “Time Travel: A History.” I first encountered Gleick’s work via his first published book, “Chaos: Making a New Science” (1987). It was a brilliant exploration of a complex and little known branch of physics. That structure became the framework…

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    The future of Obamacare is uncertain, to say the least.

    President-elect Donald Trump has consistently called to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act throughout his campaign, but many pundits see this as being a catch-22 for the incoming administration.

    America’s healthcare system is already a global outlier (in a bad way), with disproportionate amounts of money being spent for very little return on life expectancy. For that reason, many people see the additional coverage of 20 million new people through Obamacare as a crucial step forward.

    However, this new coverage hasn’t come without major challenges. Obamacare is plagued by soaring premiums, insurers leaving the program, and coverage monopolies in certain states. This puts America’s healthcare at an inflection point, and no one really seems to know how to solve it.

    The Obamacare Dilemma

    The following infographic from Healthgrad sums up the most recent metrics on Obamacare, as well as showing the double and triple digit rises in premiums that some states are facing.

    The Obamacare Dilemma Infographic

    As the infographic notes, the cost of healthcare has continued to escalate year after year, outpacing both inflation and wage growth. Obamacare has not been immune from this trend, and premiums are now being hiked because of low enrollment, mispriced plans, a dwindling pool of insurers, decreased competition in exchanges, and sicker patients than expected.

    Despite only 25% of Americans supporting the outright repeal of Obamacare, it’s looking more and more likely that the healthcare system of tomorrow won’t look quite like it does today.

    The Post-Obamacare Era

    Right now, nobody knows quite what the future holds for U.S. healthcare.

    Repealing or replacing Obamacare is fraught with at least six major issues, but perhaps the most significant one is a lack of decisiveness within the Republican party itself. What would Obamacare be replaced with, and how would that change be implemented?

    Interestingly, there are at least seven Republican plans that have been tabled to replace Obamacare. Within that group, two of the more prominent ones come from Georgia Rep. Tom Price and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

    Tom Price, who is Trump’s pick as the incoming secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has already published his consumer-driven healthcare model, and it already exists in legal language. In additional, Paul Ryan released his own proposal in the form of the A Better Way plan earlier this year, which also touches on other issues such as poverty, national security, and the economy.

    Despite the number of options, the problem is that no one can agree on a particular solution. The party is heavily divided, and Trump is already receiving heavy blowback from the Tea Party faction for telegraphing potential delays in repealing or replacing the act.

    Yes, the future of U.S. healthcare is murky – even to Trump and the GOP. However, what is clear is that with most chips stacked in the Republicans favor over the coming years, it is unlikely that they will miss the opportunity to initiate the post-Obamacare era in some shape or form.


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    Track China's unprecedented growth over last 30 years in seconds with these incredible timelapse videos Blink and you miss millions of people moving from the countryside to the city. [ more › ]
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    Learn How To Use A DSLR Camera, With This Nifty Web Tool
    Photography Mapped is for anyone intimidated by the knobs, dials, and settings on DSLR cameras. The post Learn How To Use A DSLR Camera, With This Nifty Web Tool appeared first on WIRED.
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    Only Amazon Could Make a Checkout-Free Grocery Store a Reality
    Amazon's launched a physical grocery store with no checkout process. It looks like the future of retail—but it's still Amazon that controls the narrative. The post Only Amazon Could Make a Checkout-Free Grocery Store a Reality appeared first on WIRED.
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    Do-It-Yourself tactical asset allocation weights are posted.

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    • Full exposure to commodities.
    • No exposure to long-term bonds.

    Learn more about our tactical asset allocation system here, or pick up a copy of our new book, DIY Financial Advisor.


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    I typically refuse to talk publicly about issues like Taiwan but based upon the sheer panic I’ve seen from so many DC journos and think tankers, I feel it is important to put some things down. The saying around here … Continue reading
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    The products have transformed US bourses, but some worry that ETFs are breeding systemic risks